MapiHttpEnabled = False

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I've been collecting some information for an unrelated bug we've found, and my eye happened to catch that MapiHttpEnabled was set to False for our org.

I was surprised to see that we were set this way since this protocol was launched eons ago and it "MAPI over HTTP improves the reliability and stability of the Outlook and Exchange connections".

After reading the online docs a little further, I can see how companies with legacy Exchange may have ended up in this state.  But my question is - does anyone know if MapiEnabled = True for each new mailbox created as the default?

At some point I'll run a script to look at all of our mailboxes to see if any of them have it disabled - but for now I was hoping someone here may know if enabling this at the mailbox level was really what MS intended versus at the tenant.

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If you are referring to the output of Get-OrganizationConfig, you can ignore it. The value simply doesn't matter in ExO.

OK thanks....wanted to make sure!