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Despite what the Message Center says about the new MailItemsAccessed not being rolled out until February 1, it has already been applied to my tenant.

Updated feature: Exchange Online mailbox audit to add mail reads by default
Prevent or Fix Issues
Published On : January 4, 2019

Under the heading "What do I need to do to prepare for this change?" it states that those (my tenant) that have already configured auditing before need to "audit the two new mailbox actions. Please click on Additional Information for details".

Clicking on Additional Information takes one to a page that is way out of date with no new information.


Internet searching turns up nothing, so my question is where's the information so that I can update my users Audit settings to reflect this new change?

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You can use this:


Set-Mailbox vasil -AuditOwner @{add='MailItemsAccessed'}


or in bulk


Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox -AuditOwner @{add='MailItemsAccessed'}


And do the same for the AuditDelegate level I guess.


In my case it throws an error saying the MailItemsAccessed operation type is not supported, so it looks like I don't have the update yet.

I just stumbled on @TonyRedmond's post on 4/4/2019 that this rollout was paused. Bummer!

@Joe Stocker  Yep, and I have heard nothing since.