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           My name is Tomas, I try to combine SELECT With date-time but when I try to organize by group and order I have this error: 




PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Log Parser 2.2> .\LogParser.exe "SELECT [#Fields: date-time] as date-time, REVERSEDNS(EXTRACT_PREFIX(remote-endpoint,0,':')) as RemoteSenderDNS, EXTRACT_PREFIX(remote-endpoint,0,':') as RemoteSenderIP, Count(*) as Hits FROM c:\tools\*.log GROUP BY RemoteSenderIP ORDER BY HITS DESC" -i:CSV -nSkipLines:4






Error: Semantic Error: SELECT clause field-expression "date-time" is not an aggregate function and does not contain GROUP BY field-expressions




I'm a new with Logparser, I'm trying for 6 days!!!!




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@tomascorey  I'm no expert but I think your raw date-time field values mightn't be recognized datetime format.  I had a look at my only saved LogParser queries, here:



I would have copied from other example to come up with this:

SELECT TO_STRING(TO_TIMESTAMP(EXTRACT_PREFIX(REPLACE_STR([#Fields: datetime],'T',' '),0,'.'), 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss'),'yyMMdd') AS Day

The datetime field in my case is being manipulated by TO_TIMESTAMP and then TO_STRING.  My source logs are EWS logs from Exchange, and I don't know what log types you're looking at, so hopefully this helps.  Mainly what I'm trying to point out is that in your code, you're just grabbing date-time and keeping it as it is, and that seems to not be a recognized datetime format that can be grouped by.


@Jeremy Bradshaw Thanks for your repply. Finally!, I can make works.


There are logparser code, work for me.

./LogParser.exe "SELECT EXTRACT_PREFIX(remote-endpoint,0,':') as IP,REVERSEDNS(EXTRACT_PREFIX(remote-endpoint,0,':')) as Name, COUNT(*) AS Hits, TO_LOCALTIME(TO_TIMESTAMP(EXTRACT_PREFIX(TO_STRING([#Fields: date-time]),0,'T'), 'yyyy-MM-dd')) AS LogDate from 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Logs\ProtocolLog\SmtpReceive\*.log' WHERE data LIKE '%EHLO%' GROUP BY LogDate,IP ORDER BY Hits DESC" -i:CSV -nSkipLines:4 -O:CSV >> c:\temp\ReceiveConnectorMailFlow25032020.csv


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Awesome, glad to hear.