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Hi there I wonder if you can help me; does putting a user on litigation hold also stop the OneDrive data from being deleted after 30 days?

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@Ian Maclauchlan Hello, this is out of my comfort zone but you would have to use this procedure.


Manage holds in Advanced eDiscovery - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs


"For example, before you create a hold, you have to collect the URL for each OneDrive for Business site that you want to place on hold. Then for each user you want to place on hold, you have to add their mailbox and their OneDrive for Business site to the hold."


Use a script to add users to a hold in a Core eDiscovery case - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft...

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Yes, You can use a Core eDiscovery case to create holds to preserve content that might be relevant to the case. You can place a hold on the Exchange mailboxes and OneDrive for Business accounts of people you're investigating in the case. You can also place a hold on the mailboxes and sites that are associated with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and Yammer Groups. When you place content locations on hold, content is preserved until you remove the hold from the content location or until you delete the hold.


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