Journal rule duplicate external mails when office 365 tenant is onboarded with Exclaimer cloud

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Hi All,

Journal rule in office 365 is duplicating only mails to sent to external domains after office 365 tenant is onboarded with Exclaimer cloud


Exclaimer signature stamping process for office 365 users is given below :


Step 1 - When any user in office 365 tenant sent a mail, the mail will first reach exclaimer cloud through send connector created in office 365 tenant.
Step 2 - Then exclaimer cloud will receive the mail and do the signature stamping, then sent that mail back to office 365 tenant.
Step 3 - We have the receive connector in office 365 which receives the mail from exclaimer cloud, then office 365 will deliver the mail to the appropriate recipient.


We have journal rule in office 365 tenant, which will sent a copy of mails sent and receive by office 365 users to the journal mailbox located in Exchange On premise, the problem here is, the journal rule is acting twice in the above process only against the mails sent by office 365 users to external domains (for example i.e journal rule is applying before the mail sent to exclaimer cloud and applying again after we receive mail from exclaimer cloud, as a result we are ending up with duplicate copy of the same mails in the journal mailbox.


Let me know how we inform Exchange online not to trigger the journal agent again in the same mail ? or is there a way to avoid the delivery of duplicate copy of same mail to journal mailbox located in Exchange On premise ?

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