Increase in spam getting through recently

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For about two weeks(?) I've been getting a huge amount more spam to my Inbox than before. Spam was almost unheard of in my Inbox and now I receive about 2-3 per day.


I have not made any changes to our spam policy. Has something changed on Microsoft's end?

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I'm seeing the same, but with those things you never know if someone is targeting you or the organization specifically, or it's a more wide-spread thing. Keep reporting messages, hopefully they will get the hint...



Glad to hear it's not just us. Same for my coworkers as well.


It would be nice if the EOP team were more accessible. I might just be looking in the wrong places but that team doesn't seem to be very public unlike many other teams at MS.


At least for the emails I've been getting, they do not seem to be targeted. I'm getting a wide variety of emails and many of them are just spam. I tend to get a lot of solicitations for buying mailing lists. I do report every email I get but it's really hard to determine if that is actually doing anything.