How to uninstall MS Exchange Server 2010

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We migrated completely our on-premises MS Exchange Server 2010 to MS Exchange Cloud Server. Now we don't use the Exchange Server 2010. We use synchronization from our Active Directory to the MS Exchange Cloud Server. When I create new user in the Active Directory the mailbox in Exchange Online is automatically created.

How I can uninstall completely our on-premises MS Exchange 2010 Server ? I am afraid that if I uninstall it completely from Control Panel some attributes will be removed from our AD which will reflect on the Exchange Cloud Server.

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Hi, the supported methodology in this situation is to retain a single Exchange on-premises server in the environment to manage attributes where the SOA is on-prem, and provide SMTP relay services.


If you have Office 365 Enterprise licences then you qualify for a free Exchange 2016 hybrid licence key.  So you could install Exchange 2016 into your environment, run the hybrid config wizard, move arbitration and discovery mailboxes to to Exchange 2016, also create an SMTP mail relay connector.  


Then you can decommission your Exchange 2010 servers by uninstalling Exchange via the Control Panel


In addition to @PeterRising recommendation see the following articles providing more details:

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@VickVega  Decommissioning your Exchange 2010 servers in a Hybrid Deployment


Above link not working and looking for the steps?

Here is the updated link. Since Microsoft changed platform, those articles can be found by plugging the title of the article in search. It should get you to the updated location.