how to set auto reply messages other language

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Hi, i try to set language italian for all mailbox with command:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>set-culture it-iT
[PS] C:\Windows\system32>get-culture

LCID Name DisplayName
---- ---- -----------
1040 it-IT Italiano (Italia)


when i set autoreply message and i send a mail, the autoreply message appears in english not italian.

how can i change autoreply message in italian language?

what is the command to run to fix this problem?

thank you

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Auto-reply messages are not localized, it will always be sent exactly as you entered it. So simply use Italian when composing the auto-reply message.



in autoreply message (object) appears:


i need change (Automatic reply:) in (Risposta automatica:) and this is localized somewhere in exchange but i don't know where.

can you help me?

thank you

Ah, now I see what you mean. That part should indeed be localized, but you might need to re-enable OOO after you have changed the localization of the mailbox.

Had the same problem.
Link below helped resolved the issue:
Used PowerShell to connect to Exchange Online.
Checked current regional settings for mailbox and then changed to desired locale.