How to enable archive on-prem?

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Hybrid here, we create our mailboxes on-prem (Exchange 2013-no mailboxes on-prem) and let them sync up to the cloud.

However for some reason some mailboxes are not showing on-prem anymore but are fine in the cloud.

I can recreate the mailbox on-prem so via EAC by editing the attributes on the AD object or by creating a new User Mailbox but the archive is not set/created/defined on-prem (All archive should be done in the cloud.), this only happens if I use the wizard > + > Office365 mailbox:



So to exemplify:

The first account had an AD object and a O365 mailbox but no present in EAC

The second account I created using the Office 365 mailbox:

We can see the ArchiveGUID and ArchiveState filled in on the second one.



In EAC we can see the Mailbox type is different for both accounts:

Office365 for the account I edited in AD/EAC

Office365 (Archive) for the account I created using the Office365 mailbox and selecting enable archive



All archive should be done in the cloud.


My question is how can I populate the ArchiveGUID and ArchiveState properties for the account I modified? 

Bit long .... sorry... 



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Running Enable-RemoteMailbox with -Archive in Onprem Exchange Powershell will create archive mailbox directly in O365.

Example #2 @


The command creates the archive on-prem:  


which is different from the other account:






So the archive is created on-prem no in cloud:Capture9.PNGCapture10.PNG

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did you run this in onprem exchange shell?
Enable-RemoteMailbox "user name here" -Archive

This supposed to create archive mailbox in O365.

Yes, ran on-prem shell and created a mailbox archive on-prem not in O365
Work fine on another account, I guess the account I did it on was very much broken.
Thanks Amit
Awesome, glad to hear that it's one off account...