Forward mail dosen't display mail address

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Hi all,


I have a problem with mail forward configuration. Mail sent to our info@xxxxx.xx mailbox are automatically forwarded to another employee.


But on the employee mailbox forwarded mail dosen't show the mail address of the sender but only his name so there is no way to answer at this mail.


Sample of a forwarded mail :

FROM : Jown Who

Sent : Wednesday, Octobre 3, ........

To : info

Subject : hello

<mail content>


As you see, there is no mail address in this message, even the info address is not displayed.


So my question : is there a way to display mail adress with auto forward ?


Thank you



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Hello @Julien Schneider,


To my knowledge no. I had this come up for a client probably 2 years ago with Microsoft first made this change.


Forwards used to show the actual user that sent it, not the forward address. After a long escalation to Microsoft we were essentially told sorry working as intended.


As a smart IT person, I am sure you could still dig into the email headers of the message and be able to see the original sender, but that does not really help you out as far as displaying it to your user.



How is the message being forward to the final recipient?

Are you using an Exchange Server Transport rule or an inbox rule?


In regards to the overall process, why do you forward a message which is intended to be received by a mailbox? Shouldn't the user open that info@ mailbox on a regular basis?


Why not add additional recipients as CC/BCC as part of a transport rule?



How are these messages being forwarded?

For the moment, the rule is configured in the options of the mailbox.


If I configure this rule with a mail flow rule, will I encounter the same problem ?


Otherwise, yes the solution is to open directly the info mailbox.