Export PST via eDiscovery creates an Primary mailbox folder

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Today I tried to export a couple of mailboxes.


I used the eDiscovery to create and download the PST files.
But there is a problem with the PST files. All data is placed in a folder Primary MAilbox. When I add the PST via Outlook or the upload tool from Office365 the PST file is placed in the users mailbox but all folders are placed in a newe folder Primary Mailbox.


I think it is tenant related because I tried this in another tenant and I didn't have this problem.



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That's how results tipically look like, "Primary mailbox" should actually be a subfolder of the full export. Apart from the "Primary mailbox" folder you might also see "Archive mailbox" if the user has online archive enabled. If your search/export spans across multiple mailboxes, you will see a (parent) folder for each individual mailbox as well.

Thanks for your answer. This what Microsoft told me when I made an incident.

The strange part is that before I was doing this I tested it ith another tenant and then I didn't got that Primary Mailbox folder and the PST was in the root. So I could import the PST right in the users mailbox root folder.


With this primary mailbox folder I alwas get another folder in the inbox of the user with this PST file. I also can't find anything about this in the Blogs about exporting the PST files. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn440164(v=exchg.160).aspx


For now with this method a user has to move all his old mail and folders to his new mailbox.

Also will his old calendar be put in an seond calendar.