EXO Workspace mailbox does not popluate the Location field when using Room Finder

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Hello Everyone,

I recently setup some Workspace mailbox using the below links.


However I am noticing that when I use the Outlook Client (M365 Apps for ent.) the Location field does not populate when selecting a Workspace mailbox from the Room Finder.


Without this my request is declined with a message stating "Spaces can not be booked as attendees: ''; Location: ''."


However if I select a Conference Room mailbox it does.


Whats more is that if I click the Location button and select the Workspace mailbox it populates and I am able to successfully book the request.


Using Outlook on the web  and the Teams client populates the Location field with the Workspace mailbox.






Is this a known issue or is anyone else seeing this?  The problem is that we have trained our end users to use the Room Finder and requests are being declined. 


Thanks for any info!



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