Exchange Online Kiosk and Shared Mailbox

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Hello to all,


I see a lot of sites and blogs saying an Exchange Online Kiosk-Licensed user cannot access a Shared Mailbox.

Exchange Online Service Description is not very explicit for this feature/Limitation.

Exchange Online Limits tells it's available for "Exchange Online License" (no precision for Plan 1, 2 or Kiosk)


I created a test user with a Kiosk License and gave it privilege over a shared mailbox.

With the Kiosk user I was able to read Shared Mailbox's inbox, delete items and display calendar.

I was not able to create an Inbox Rule in the Kiosk Mailbox (seems normal)


Why my Kiosk user can reach the shared Mailbox ? it's related to the Tenant-Plan-Level ? I have a E plan with many Kiosk Licenses. Do I miss something  and it's a recent improvement for Kiosk user ?


Bonus question : does a Kiosk User can access a O365 Groups ?


Thank you for any clue or explanation

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Yes, a Kiosk user can access a shared mailbox - No, a Kiosk user cannot access O365 Groups as that requires a E plan license.
Brand new Kiosk user here can access Both ... Shared Mailbox and O365 Group. I'm able to upgrade the kiosk user an owner of the O365 group also

Ken and christophe,

I would offer that only if there is at least one E3, E4, E5, license assigned to that shared Mailbox that the Kiosk user would then have "reliable" success.  


As the shared Mailbox requires no license, Microsoft wouldn't allow Kiosk users to have normal access.  We've found that when we allow Kiosk users to access Shared Mailboxes, that there is unreliable and unpredictable results as in it works for long period of time, then stops allowed the Kiosk user.  Maybe I'm wrong, but we've had a terrible experience over the years trying to allow Kiosk users to use the Shared Mailbox.  If it works for you great news, but do not be surprised when it stops and you've made no changes.   - David



Continuous learning....  shows that a Kiosk license is allowed to use a Shared Mailbox (no license) and have 50Gig quota....  Apologgies for mis-posting earlier - David

By the license terms, Kiosk users are not entitled to Delegate rights, so should not access a Shared Mailbox. If it works, then it doesnt change the policy and may become enforced at a later point.


Kiosk users can access an Office 365 Group, they get most of the features from Exchange and SharePoint, but miss Planner, OneDrive integration etc.


This is all in the service dscription you linked, it's easiest to read in the printer view at


A newly created account (specially a synced account) gets provisioned with a hidden license in Azure AD which allows all features, until the effects of admin assigned license takes place.
This is transtition can take upto 30 days to complete it.

To test this,
Create an Office 365 mailbox from Exchange On-Prem server.
On next AD sync, a mailbox will be provisioned on Exchange Online without even having any license assigned to the user on Office 365.
This mailbox will stay for 30 days and we have seen similiar case with Teams as well.

This hidden SKU license is suppose to stay with a newly provisioned user for 30 days.
Once this hidden SKU license will be removed, the user will downgraded to features of assigned license which are suppose to be there as per the MS articles.