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We have an on-premise dc with Office 365 for email. We have a Exchange 2007 server, which was our mail server before Office 365, which we continue to use to manage the mailboxes. Someone was talking to me about a Hybrid Exchange licence which allows you to use a new version of Exchange for managing Office 365 without the cost. I have had a look around and i am struggling to find some clear documentation to show me what i need to have and what i need to do for this. Does anyone have an information about this?

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Similar rules apply, but for Hybrid edition, it's made for your scenario as long as you do not host any mailbox still on-prem.

Thanks for this Chris.


I did find that article but i noticed it is from 2014 and more recent articles say 2007 is no longer supported as it is EOL and not hybrid compatible. The only solution I can think of is to essentially carry out an Exchange 2007 - Exchange 2013 migration but this would involve me buying an Exchange 2013 licence. 

assuming you don't host any mailboxes you should be able to fire up a newer hybrid version and join it into your domain, there shouldn't be a "migration" if you have it there just for configuration :).

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I would suggest to open a case with MS support. You may refer to the below articles for reference, however opening a case with MS support would be a better Idea.




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Hi @Brian McFadden,

Can you let us know what you ended up doing?  We have a similar case and we're exploring options.





I spoke with Microsoft to confirm the licensing requirements and they said that along as you are not using exchange as an active email server they you can take the hybrid licence to active. I started the hybrid configuration, took the license and then cancelled the hybrid tool:

@Brian McFaddenfor clarification when hey state "active email server" is that only referencing mailboxes within the server? Do client connections (using it as a CAS) count as well?