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Hi all,


I have a dev tenant running to do some POCs for customers. I need to do a POC and for this POC I need to create a connector in Exchange Online. I was always able to doing so, but now I get the error:



Connector creation failed


Error executing request. For this service offering, you can’t create or update inbound connectors in your organization ‘TENANT ID’.
I'm trying to search online, but it does not bring any luck. Created a case at Microsoft, also no luck (yet).

I was (2 months ago) always able to create or edit connectors (in the GUI or PS) and now suddenly not. Does someone knows how to fix this?




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I found this was a global issue with Microsoft Reference : EX417250 and it was resolved on 06/09/2022. Unfortunately not for my tenant. This tenant is created on: Have someone advise to contact Microsoft? Office 365 support don't bring any luck.

@ricardovand3rlinden ,

looks like Microsoft has changed the service offering: It says developer subscription are not enabled to use inbound connector.

I've opened a ticket as well, as I need to test a scenario before doing anything in production, until now no solution.



Hi Dennis, thanks, great to hear that I'm not the only one. I do not understand why, like you and I guess all others, we test all things in our DEV tenants before doing changes in PROD. This causes delays in our work if we can no longer test everything properly. Microsoft tells me now to create a ticket in their ServiceNow, will update this post when I have new information.
Hi Dennis, found our answer:

But this brings me some questions, I there asked the support team the following:
1: Why is this changed? I was always able to do this.
2: As Microsoft 365 developers and engineers, we need to test anything for our customers without limits. Could it be clarified why this isn't functioning?
3: Could you contact the developer program leads and ask them about this situation?
Same here. have a inbound connector created before with my dev tenant, now I can't change it.
Yes, I face exactly the same. Was always able to do it. Don't know who to connect about this, the Microsoft case is closed because dev tenants are out their support.
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from Microsoft Exchange Online team:
"Dev tenants were used to relay phish emails through EXO using Inbound connector. Because of this misuse, we had to other way but to restrict that. "


Same here sadly
Thanks for sharing, good people always suffer from the bad :)

@ricardovand3rlinden We had the same issue. we used 2 dev tenants to test very complex scenarios, we were in the middle of doing a very complex migration. Microsoft by turning off this feature with no notice not only pushed our project back with huge costs but also literally leaves no options for consultants like us to test different scenarios. hard to believe that a tech giant like Microsoft had to resort to this option to resolve 'SPAM' issues, and had no other smart technical solution. 

@Rana_BanerjeeI completely agree with you, a dev tenant should contain all possibilities. Unfortunately, Microsoft will not change this. They mentioned this in their documentation:




In Exchange Online, inbound connectors for mailflow are not supported. If you try to create an inbound connector, you will get the following error: "Error executing request. For this service offering, you can't create or update inbound connectors in your organization."

my partner tenant has all E3 subscription and the inbound connector creation works. following indication of Microsoft support i have added an E3 trial license under a my customer tenant, assigned it to global admin. It doesn't work anymore. THis is a big problem and the Microsoft agent said that i am the only user who expressed his disappointment. i think it is not a issue but a new design by Microsoft. THis is unacceptable above all they has modified conditons of use with running subscription without giving the possibility to withdraw from the contract. If I wanted to switch from standard to E3 I would have to continue paying until the standard expires. you have to protest resolutely. I will do it by opening a report on the partner portal
Hi Davidwt

Maybe your problem is not related to the topic discussed in this thread, but rather to a new bug that has recently appeared and is affecting all Tenants, no matter if they are dev or not.

You can follow the discussion in this thread.

If I have misunderstood you and it has nothing to do with your problem, I apologize.