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Currently our mail is filtered at our edge servers and again via EOP which means that users can be blocked from sending SPAM in multiple locations. 


We are hoping to find a way to programmatically access the Blocked Sender Address list from the Action Center and create a flag that we can monitor from outside of the admin console allowing our frontline helpdesk staff to see the flag and know that they need to unblock the user at the Admin level prior to additional troubleshooting.


As with any flag for account access, this would need to be a near real-time connection.  


would appreciate any insight from anyone that has done this successfully.  Thanks!

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I don't know if I understood your need correctly, but, based on my understanding, you can simply set the outbound spam policy to "Send a notification to the following email address or addresses when a sender is blocked for sending outbound spam." and your helpdesk staff will know that they have a user to unblock.

You can do this either from EAC>Protection>Outbound Spam, either from PowerShell:
Set-HostedOutboundSpamFilterPolicy -NotifyOutboundSpamRecipients <helpdesk_address>
We had hoped to make this a flag in our CRM. I suppose we could use a script to scrape the emails and update the CRM, but that won't tell us when it is unblocked. We will look into the email as a trigger for a ticket for now, but if anyone has added this block to a CRM or other support tool somehow, we would like to know how you accomplished that.
You can use powershell to get a list of blocked senders. Get-BlockedSenderAddress is the command to be used.
I am the HelpDesk!

I have set up to get notifications!

What I need is a method of preventing a user from being deemed a spammer when they do a legitimate bulk mailing.

As I am a volunteer worker for the charity the support I give is not 24/7. If someone gets blocked while I am on holiday they have to await my return before they are unblocked. This you will agree is most unsatisfactory!

Hence I am seeking a method of preventing users email addresses being blocked in the first place.
I know which sender is blocked. They complain to me!