Exchange Online and Multi-Geo

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You have a Tenant that is enabled for Multi-Geo.

You enable the PDL sync from the AD.

You start to migrate mailboxes from OnPrem to EXO.

What happens if while the sync is running and you change the PDL for a migrating user?


Does the sync fail? or does it just carry on to the default location and once completed EXO will move it to the PDL?


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So raised an MS ..In summary, no impact is expected is MG is enabled during mailbox seeding, or for mailboxes already in-sync.
The main points to note are:
Will a mailbox being seeded continue to seed if Multi-Geo is enabled: Yes – Seeding will Continue
Will performance of the seeding be affected if Multi-Geo is enabled: No – Performance will not be impacted
When Multi-Geo is enabled, will a user be requested to restart Outlook once moved: Not expected, it is transparent to the end-user as uses Autodiscover in conjunction with the PDL value