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Hi everyone

We are migrating the company to the cloud on various fronts. At present we run Exchange 2013 on prem we have tested the hybrid connection and everything is working as expected other than dynamic Distribution lists but that is a different story!

The Hybrid connection passes mail from on prem to cloud only,  each user has their live mailbox and their archive these are in different databases. Due to retention policies old users have very large Archives which we are starting to shrink to a couple of years but this is taking time.


My question is can i migrate a users live mailbox and leave their archive on prem, while these are on different platforms we will stop the archive policies on that mailbox; then once Archive mailbox has meet the new retention policy migrate that to the cloud and restart the archive policy?


Is this possible?


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@Ian Maclauchlan 


The only supported archive split scenario is a primary mailbox on-premises and an archive mailbox in Exchange Online.


Many thanks …..