Exchange hybrid through proxy and with VD's external url pointing to internal domain names

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Hi guys. 

Just need a little help for a specific case. 
One of my clients wants to migrate his Exchange 2010 mailboxes to Office 365.

He has 4 servers (2 MBX + 2 CASHUB).

Everything goes through a proxy (KEMP for people who knows that).


My 2 problems are : 


-  All virtual directories' URL (internal and external) point to internal domain names (ie. https://mail.internaldomainname.loc). Everything seems to be proxied through KEMP.

- There is no public certificate on the Exchange servers. 


So i need to create a hybrid scenario between Exchagne 2010 infrastructure and Exchange online. 


I know it's impossible without a public certificate. 

Is there a way to keep the existing Exchange VD's URL configuration ? I think it's not possible because of the certificate requirements.

Or do I need to ask the client to change every external Exchange VD's URL to point to public domain name URL and after that, i will be able to put a publi certificate and making my hybrid scenario? 




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