Exchange Enable Forwarding Rule - Error

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Hello support,


I have a problem with adding rule to the antispam setting. We need to have available forwarding to external email. When I created a rule at the end of the confirmation is result with error notice :


Client Error

Exception of type

'Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PSDirectInvoke.DirectInvokeCmdletExecutionException' was thrown.


the setting is under Exchange security online.


could you help me please?


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Same Problem here



Same problem here. 


Exception of type 'Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PSDirectInvoke.DirectInvokeCmdletExecutionException' was thrown

Seems Fixed by just being patient.




Just got off the phone with a microsoft agent.
We resolved it with these steps:

Connect to internal global admin with powershell
Run these two commands:

I solved it on this way : First step was to set preset rules of security - select Standard security. After the confirmations, then was possible to create an own rules.

The problem was solved.
Thanks to all :)




This worked for me too. 



Just had this issue. Figured out that we were doing the wrong filtering rule. Full email addresses will not work. You need to do everything to the right of the @ symbol only.