Exchange Cluster Network Down

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We had some firewall issues that have since been resolved, but the cluster network on the DAG still shows as down.  Is there a powershell command I can run to bring the cluster network up?

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@danielkaliel You can get a detailed view of the error message if you are using the following cmdlet: 

Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup | Select -ExpandProperty:Servers | Test-ReplicationHealth | Where {$_.Result.Vale -ne "Passed"} | Format-List
Some more details about the error message would be great.

@Dominik Hoefling We needed the DAG functioning at 100% quickly, so I restarted one of the Exchange servers and that forced the DAG to establish the connection over the replication network once again.  If there is a command that will do the same, I'd appreciate knowing what it is so that a server restart is not required.