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Good day MS Exchange Community,


I would like to ask about a mailbox type in Exchange called: User (Archive).

I was not part of the initial Exchange setup and this mailbox is part of a database called Archive. The mailbox size is 3.35TB in size which is big. I would like to login and clear the inbox but a password reset would be required.


I would like to just make sure that if I reset it, nothing will get corrupt or break, I myself is not an Exchange Expert.


I must also this mailbox is the only one that has In-Place Archive enabled, no other mailbox has this.


Any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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3.35TB for a single mailbox is quite large. Just for clarification, is that size not the size of the "archive" database but for the archive mailbox for a single user?


An archive mailbox is always an additional mailbox to the primary mailbox. Both mailboxes are associated with a single user account. If you reset the password for the user, you use the same credentials for accessing both mailboxes. I highly recommend accessing the mailbox using OWA, not Outlook.





@Thomas Stensitzki 


I can confirm the Mailbox is 3.35TB in size, it has its own email address (email address removed for privacy reasons for example). The mailbox increases the archive database size heavily, the database size with this mailbox is 3.6TB.


It is possible this mailbox is keeping some archive data for the mailboxes and if so how is it possible since no other mailbox has In-place archiving enabled, all my Users archive their mailbox locally on the desktops.