Exchange and Entra integration?

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I have a lot of guest and internal users in my Microsoft Entra. Right now, all email received from our guest users receive the mention "This sender might be impersonating a domain that's associated with your organization.".  I could deactivate the warning but that defeats the point: I would still like the mail to display a warning in case of impersonation. 


I would like to somehow synchronise our Entra and Exchange and add a rule along the line of "if an email exist in Entra, remove the impersonation warning". 


I know a workaround would be to take the 100+ trusted emails and manually copy them to "whitelisted users" in Exchange but I'm hoping this operation can be done automatically. Manual work also wouldn't work after user creation or deletion. 


I posted a while ago describing a similar problem, where our guests mail are sent to junk, and nobody had solutions, so I am trying again.

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