Exchange 2019 and MacOS calendar problem (sometimes you get another user's calendar)

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Hello, Dear Forum!
Has anyone had a problem with Calendar on Macbooks(default mail application) like the same:
Getting a calendar of another user for a moment.
It looks like all of the other user's calendar invites appear on the right side of the app for a while. After several seconds their dissapier. All these calendar events belong to another user and can be viewed from Macbook before disappearing.
This happens with enviable frequency and we cannot understand what the problem is.
A week ago, all the invitations from one employee’s calendar arrived. Yesterday all the messages from another employee’s calendar arrived to Macbook user.
The problem is only on MacBooks.
This does not depend on whether the calendar has been shared or not.
I have no idea how to add a screenshot here.


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Would recommend to use outlook, had similar problems with iOS