Encrypting email by default

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We use O365 Exchange online for our email organization. I've read through this article:




If we enable encryption by default when the sender and recipient are within the same organization, will they have to enter their password for every email when viewing emails on their phone or on their home computer?
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Hello, no. OME is built-in protection and seamless in that way.
Is it possible to automatically encrypt only emails that are within the same organization, and then leave an option to manually encrypt emails sent to someone outside the org?
Yes, but you couldn't with the legacy OME. With the "new" OME feature you can use both mail flow rules and let users manually use those two options. But you should think twice about encrypting all internal emails by default.
What are the downsides from encrypting all internal emails by default?

@nickcoa Obviously one can do whatever they like, but I would think that sensitive information needs to be encrypted (on top of the already encrypted connections TLS and so on.) and not all emails by default.