email forwarding is not showing up under mailbox features

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I am bit confused. I enabled mail forwarding on mailbox using powershell and I can see it is applied properly under office365--admin--user-- username--mailsettings--emaiforwarding. 


However it is not showing under Exchange online admin center --- mailboxes--username--mailbox features-- mail forwarding. 


DO anyone know why it is showing in one place and not in another place? Do you think because that particular user never logged into his workstation using his AD account? 

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Any chance a custom ManagementRole has been defined (based on MyBaseOptions) or the default MyBaseOptions was modified (and a new one was defined for admins), and that role has been stripped from forwarding options for Set-Mailbox? The Exchange Admin Center is dynamic; if you haven't got the permissions to configure something, the options won't show. The other option is using the portal, which will just retrieve (and display) the settings as you will always have Get-Mailbox permissions.


Well there are different methods to setup forwarding, which one did you use exactly? The EAC will only show you the ForwardingAddress method, nothing else. Thus if you have set it up via ForwardingSMTPAddress, it will not be shown there. Read here for more details:

I used powershell to set mailforwarding. (Import-CSV "C:\list\mailforwarding1.csv" | ForEach-Object {Get-Mailbox -Identity $user.Upn | Set-Mailbox -ForwardingSmtpAddress $user.ForwardingSmtpAddress -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $false}) . Will this only display results directly from O365 admin center instead of EAC?    @Vasil Michev 

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Yes, as this doesn't change the fowardingaddress attribute, the EAC will not display it. But the O365 admin center should.

Thanks, Now i am clear on this difference@Vasil Michev 

here is the link which will explain about the differences between forwardingsmtpaddress attribute and forwardingaddress attribute.