Dynamic Distribution List based on multiple AAD fields

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I need to make a dynamic distribution list based on following criteria:

Job title is 'Job1' or 'Job2' or 'Job3'  and Block sign in is 'No'.


Can you please help me with PowerShell RecipientFilter parameters for this task?


Thank you!

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Is this for Exchange Online? If so I'm afraid there is no good answer here, it depends on what exactly you mean by "block sign in" - is this the AzureAD BlockCredential attribute, or the Exchange-specific ones (AccountDisabled/ExchangeUserAccountControl/UserAccountControl). They do not always match in value, which poses a challenge here. Only one of these can actually be used for filtering though (UserAccountControl), so try that.


Other than that it's just stringing them together:


{(Title -eq "Job1" -or Title -eq "Job2") -and (UserAccountControl -eq "AccountDisabled, NormalAccount")}

@Vasil Michev 

Thank you for your answer!

This is indeed for Exchange Online.

The two fields I was referring to are from AzureAD User Profile, I don't know if Block sign in has a match in Exchange



I will try your suggestion. 


Thanks again!

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@Cris20 Vasil prompted me to look at this request. This code worked for me...


$Filter = "((Title -like 'Architect') -and (ExchangeUserAccountControl -ne 'AccountDisabled'))"

New-DynamicDistributionGroup -Name "Architects" -DisplayName "System and Engineering Architects" -Alias AllArchitects -PrimarySmtpAddress -RecipientFilter $Filter

Set-DynamicDistributionGroup -Identity AllArchitects -ManagedBy Tony.Redmond -MailTip "Distribution List for anyone with Architect in the job title"



@Tony Redmond 


Thank you. It worked!


I had to chain multiple conditions for the filter because, from what I've read, wildcards can't be used as first character in RecipientFilter.

I have many job titles like Architect (Junior Architect, Lead Architect, Senior Architect, etc), a few variations for Associate and for Partner and I need to include all in filter. I tried "Title -like '*Architect' -or Title -like '*Associate' -or Title -like '*Partner'", but got an error.


Is there a more elegant solution than a dozen of -or conditions?

@Cris20 Unfortunately, you'll have to include multiple conditions, which is what I did when I wrote the problem up:


How to Create Exchange Dynamic Distribution List with Custom Recipient Filters

Exchange dynamic distribution lists allow messages to be sent to sets of recipients determined by a query against the directory. A custom filter is a powerful way to find the right set of recipients. In this case, we want to find mailboxes with certain job titles whose Azure AD accounts are not blocked for sign-in. Here’s how to create the filter, make sure it works, and create the DDL.