Dovecot mail server/cPanel to Office 365/Exchange Online Migration

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Dear all,


I'm looking for a 1-click solution. Like SkyKick, where only the source and destination administrator accounts need to be entered. Similarly, I want to just enter the source admin and destination admin accounts.


I'm open to any options within Office 365 or 3rd party tools/cloud solutions that would allow me to move all the emails addresses and email from a Dovecot mail server to Office 365.



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Hi Haneef, we don't usually discuss or recommend specific 3rd party tools on these forums. Otherwise it turns into a spam fest. Use your favourite search engine instead.

Hi Vasil,

Hmm, I see.

However, since, there're many functionalities that aren't natively supported by Microsoft, we're forced to resort to 3rd party applications and tools. And not all tools/software are made equal, all have their pros and cons.

Is there a location with the list of all/most of the available 3rd party software? and then I could go ahead and compare them.


I'm not saying there's no need for 3rd party tools, in fact I'm also working for an ISV that offers migration products. My point is that if everyone that frequents these forums starts endorsing product A or B, it will simply turn into a spam fest, without any actual useful content.


There are in fact many reviews available online for these products, including some direct comparisons. Thus my advice to simply run a search on your favorite engine.

@Haneef Ibn Ahmad 


Yes, you can do it easily but you have to export all of your emails & mailbox information available as Maildir files. As we all know that Maildir files are not supported to import into Office 365 email account. As Vasil suggested, you should try some third-party toolkit available in market at present. You can search Maildir Migrator in google which provides a direct option for you to do so. Others alternatives are also available like Bitrecover Maildir Converter but it will only convert Maildir to PST files, hence you need to know another way to upload PST to Office 365. I think the previous application i.e. Maildir Migrator is self-capable to do that task as it will only ask you Username & Password of your resultant Office 365 account. These are only a few example, its better for you to try some other alternatives rather than asking it on Microsoft Forums.



@technical_guruji  And anyone who would even consider doing a migration to Exchange Online via PSTs needs to have their mind examined. PSTs should be eliminated whenever possible, and although it's certainly a good thing to ingest PSTs into Office 365, those PSTs should come from a PST eradication project and not a mailbox migration.