Disable End users creating Distribution List using OWA

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Hello Team,


Lookin for some advice. Recently we noticed that end users are creating Legacy  and i am not talking about o365 groups using OWA.  Launch OWA -> Options ->General -?Distribution Lists


How do i disable this option for End Users? We want only admins to create DL's for our users.


Screen shot attachedDL.jpg

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That's a "permission" setting which you can remove. Go to the O365 admin portal -> Exchange -> Permissions -> User roles -> double-click the default policy -> remove the checkbox next to MyDistributionGroups.


If you want to do this only for a subset of users, create a new policy and apply it as needed.


If you want to still allow them to manage groups they own, but stop them from creating new ones, you have to do it like this: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/rmilne/2013/08/09/allow-users-to-manage-distribution-groups-with...

hi, in O365, can we restrict users from creating DL's, but they can edit the DL's which they own.