Different email signatures for users who have different sub domain names

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We are part of a large Educational Trust and have just brought our schools all under one tenancy- we have 13 sub domains.


Is there a way that each user can have a different company wide email signature based on the sub domain they belong to?


i.e. and could have different email signitures?

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Depends on how you're planning to use signatures I suppose. If using mail flow rules, you can certainly target users by domain, but overall rules are not a very good solution when it comes to signatures. So you might consider using a third-party product.


When using the email signature web portal (, you create a rule which set the new/reply signature for your subdomains > Example;

IF ((Email)) contains, THEN set Signature A as NEW and Signature B as the reply email signature.

Ping me if you are still interested and I'll get in touch and show you ( - Thanks.