Default Global Address List Restritions

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Hey Team, 


We have a requirement to accomplish the following:


"Prevent a list of about 250 contacts from Showing up in the Default Global Address list"


I know we can do this with GAL Segmentation but we have a very large messaging environment all in exchange online, hybrid. In this case the contacts in question are all Sync'd to the cloud. 

We would like to avoid using ABP because of the setup requirements (having to create 2 separate address lists, OAB, Email Routing agent etc). 

Any ideas on how we might do this? 


If this were on-prem we could simply filter the default Global Address list, and exclude those contacts based on populating an attribute or something similar, but we are not able to do so using EXO. 







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Wouldn't hiding them from the GAL (toggle -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled flag) help here? It will affect other ALs of course, but as far simplicity goes, nothing beats that :)

@Vasil Michev 


Thanks Vasil. That's the problem, we don't want them hidden from all address lists, just from the Default GAL. 


The contacts need to be visible to each other, but not to the greater global address list, if that makes any sense. 

The hard way it is then :)