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Hi All


Is there a way that a mailflow rule can be used to check an attachments sensitivity label, if the attachments sensitivity label is higher than what the emails is set to then the emails sensitivity is automatically raised to match the attachment (but not lowered if the attachments is lower than the emails)?


I hope this makes sense.  Personally I would have thought this would be the case bydesign.


What I have tried so far is below (label guid stared out).  There must be a better way to do this though.  Any ideas:


If the message...
Is sent to 'Outside the organization'
and attachment metadata properties contain these words: 'MSIP_Label_******-****-****-****-*******_Enabled:True'
Do the following...
set message header 'MSIP_Header' with the value 'MSIP_Label_******-****-****-****-*******'
This is then read by the email gateway service and is dealt with in a way that we want the sensitivity to be dealt with.
Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, using the label GUID in conjunction with mail flow rules is really the only supported way of doing this sort of thing at the moment.  Works pretty well in my experience.  :smile:



Many thanks.  Any ideas why this isn't working?  I am attaching a word doc set to highly confidential but the initial email is confidential so I want to insert into the header so the email gateway reads it.


I have tested and its not inserting the information into the email header for some reason




Many thanks in advance.






Only thing I can spot in your screenshot is you have "Enabled:True" whereas in my example below it is "Enabled=True".


Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 06.41.25.png


Try changing that value and see if it makes a difference.

Sorry, my bad. It is working. Thanks for your help. I was just took longer than normal for the rule to kick in.



Excellent, glad it's working for you.