Can we create two database on single exchange server and keep both mounted...

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I have installed an Exchange Server - 2016, just wanted to know if I can create two databases in it and keep both of them mounted.... as of now I have to dismount one database to mount the other...


There is no DAG deployed as of now...



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Per articles, Exchange 2016 standard let’s you mount up to 5 databases whilst Enterprise let’s you mount up to 100.

Hope that answers your question!

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The issue that I am facing is that once I activate the other database named db02 it shows as mounted in the Gui however in powershell it shows it is dismounted....


As of now I am using trial version of Exchange .. am I supposed to assign a license first to create multiple database in Exchange 2016..?



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AFAIK, you should be able to do at least 5 as stated in this article -

I would go through this article to see if it corresponds to why you are getting this -

I would personally raise to support who would need to take a look into the issue further (I.e. look at the logs and run through steps)

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thanks for your help Chris.... the issue that I was facing was because of server performance.... I got it sorted ...