Calendar sharing with group

In our tenant it seems that sharing your calendar with a group doesn't work anymore.

People in the group only see free/busy info. Sharing the calendar again to the group, does send out an invitation e-mail (in the language of the sender).. But the group members still only see free/busy.

All this has worked until last week. Any more people with this issue?
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How exactly are you sharing it, and what type of group is that?

@Vasil Michev 


Our users are sharing their personal calender via Outlook (richt click on the callendar - Sharing permissions). 


Over there they add the mail enabled Security group (this group was already there) and set the permissions again (view all details). 


Since yesterday the callendar is shared again (people can access it now), but last week everyone only saw free/busy info. 


So, it seems the issue is now resolved with sharing the calendar again.