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Hi All,


I raise this question as currently looking at methods to re-point our autodiscover records to O365.


So, we currently have a Exchange Hybrid setup

On-premise DNS pointing to our exchange servers

autodiscover -> A -> exchange server




SRV record SRV service location:
priority = 0
weight = 0
port = 443
svr hostname = internet address = 10.x.x.x


From memory the SRV record was transitioned from a Exchange 2010 deployment of past days and also to sort out the infamous Outlook Error “The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site.”


As the A record is created - they will be used prior the SRV record.


So our current scenario;


- All mailboxes have been migrated to the cloud.

- On premise exchange servers used management and old application relays.


What is stopping us from re-pointing our autodiscover records to cloud?

That's why I ask this question - and pose the following steps


1) Move public DNS to

2) Set-ClientAccessServer -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri $null or essentially point the internal -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri to

3) Delete internal A (autodiscover) 

4) Create new internal CNAME record pointing to


Here is my confusion - will the SRV record still be required?

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Hey @vas_ppabp_90 ,


You don't need the SRV record if you are to point the autodiscover to office 365. In fact Microsoft doesn't provide a SRV record for its cloud autodiscover service :

Records (Godaddy)


To add, the exchange hybrid configuration doesn't even use the SRV-based Autodiscover redirection.