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I an experiencing some troubles in applications that authenticate with Office 365 licence account´s via SMTP for sending emails. Sometimes I dont now if I am reaching the limit (messages per minute, authentications per minute, something like that), or I am having some other trouble.
The administration tab on my office 365 administration account and Securaty and Complience, had give me some idea, of what is going on, but some times I can not understand the shurt log´s or lack of more messages. The authentication is sucessfull, but sometimes give me timeout, for some reason, or other errors.
I was hoping to get log´s as if I had my own SMTP server, more detailed, and just from authentications in or, and for the rest (Outlook, OWA).

I am going to put I sniffer on the communication, that combined with my application log to have more detail on that is going on. But see "the things" from Office 365 side it will be good.

I can see all the boundaries of the different types of licensing? Is any way to do that I descrive with any tool or addon or something like that? Any opinions or solutions, have anyone had similar problems and can help?

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First of all, you should not be using O365 for bulk emails, use some of the 3rd parties that specialize in that. If you do use it, the level of details you will be able to extract depends on the exact method you use for sending, in most cases your best bet for any mail flow related information will be the message trace logs:

Can you recomend any free/open source tool? Or any metod work around this?

Wich time we have to wait between authentications? Any page of microsoft with this information?

Microsoft doesn't publish the exact limits for all scenarios, but in most (non-bulk) scenarios you should be OK. I still wouldn't recommend using O365 for sending such messages, and any of the third-party tools (MailChimp, SendGrid, Mandrill, whatever) would offer you more flexibility anyway.

In my a case the are a application that process several claim check´s and PDF`s, sending email for each one using library and object´s functions. Normaly is used the SMTP server of the client, account exclusive created for this purpose, and some of them have Office365 licencing.
In the application, in some processing, can be send 300/400 email´s for diferent accounts in minutes. 
It's difficult sometimes to use other thing. The client already pay´s for the licenses that they have.

I'm going to invest the solutions mentioned.

Controle time and know limits with more details for Office365, would be good.