As of February 2021, does EOP/Microsoft now send DMARC aggregate reports?

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I believe I have spotted evidence that the answer is yes.  If you look at this thread the answer states:



Office 365 currently does not send out any DMARC reports. If it was sending out Aggregate reports, being behind a Mimecast would still generate reports for emails not filtered by Mimecast (not SPAM or Phishing). They would probably contain a lot of failures, because, for Office 365, the sending server will be Mimecast, which most likely is not added to the SPF of the sending domain. And, depending on what Mimecast is doing with the emails, the DKIM signature, if present at all, may be broken.


@The_Exchange_Team / @Greg Taylor - EXCHANGE  are you able to confirm if EOP does in fact now send DMARC aggregate reports?  Working with a customer whose MX records point to an on-premises mail gateway, and they're getting reports from affiliates who use DMARC in reporting mode that that their mail gateway is trying to send mail for them, unauthenticated'ly.  Essentially the exact issue that is alluded to in hypothetical terms in the quoted answer excerpt above.


Thanks in advance.

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BTW, I found the UserVoice request where Microsoft has been requested to start sending the aggregate reports, and where "Sean S" confirms it is "In the plans" as of April 2020 but with no ETA or update since then.
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@Jeremy Bradshaw - Not yet Jeremy. You found the right User Voice however there is no ETA yet. 

@Arindam Thokder  Thank you for confirming.  I also came into other findings which mooted my suspicion that it was Microsoft/EOP sending the reports.  That is to say, there were many other messages sent into EXO which should/would have been in the aggregate counts of said report, so it wasn't lining up like I thought.