Add shared mailboxes on IPhone and sync native calendar and contacts

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Good Morning,

I need support on a case.

I have to set up a shared mailbox on an iPhone. It is important to synchronize the part of contacts and calendar.

As I understand it, you can configure (mainly) the emails on IPhone in 2 ways:

  • Native application
  • Outlook application


  • Native application
    Allows you to add mailboxes shared by IMAP. Can't sync calendar / contacts


  • Outlook application
    Shared mailboxes can be added.
    Cannot sync contacts and / or calendar with native iPhone contacts and / or calendar.
    This is possible with Android, but not with IPhone and this is important to me.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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There isn't a sync option to calendars from Outlook, however the process should be:

-Accounts - Add Account -Exchange -Sign in with your primary account
This will then allow you to go into iOS calendar app and add show the 365 calendars.

For the SharedMailbox calendars to appear you first need to add the SharedMailbox calendar into My Calendars. You can do this when in Outlook on your computer, add calendar, add the SharedMailbox into you My Calendars.

Then now when you go back into the iOS Calendar app and hit Calendars, under the Exchange account you previously added you will see the new calendar that you added.