Windows team Clustering and High Availability blog (re)starting

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Folks over on Clustering and High Availability blog have decided to (re)start their blog. Seems like they have lined up some good content which they should start posting soon (January 2008 is here after all)! So - if clustering and high availability is something you are interested in - this one might be a good blog to watch!

The blog URL is:

- Nino Bilic

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Fantastic guys.

now we can do all the testing for Windows Server 2008 all Clustering Features and methonds and get all the information from this blog.

keep posting a detailed articles contains all the good features of Win2K8 Clustering and High Availability techniques and tricks.


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Since the release of server 2008 and Exchange 2007 Sp1

I am looking into the CCR solution but seperating the Active and Passive MB servers. I understand that you still have a single witness file service running on one hub transport.

And that failover may still have a split brain issuse.

But for clarification,
Site A - MS, CAS, HUB with WF  Router Site B - MB, CAS, HUB
I would use a Exchange Server CName Record to point to site A active MB server.
During fail-over the CNAME would be updated to point to Site B MB server.

I would manually have to bring site A back up, once network connectivity was re-established.

ALso, I am assuming all of this is done over the public network with no private network required? Or do I need a public and private network to make this work?


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