Top 5 things that Office 365 admins should know about FindTime
Published Apr 08 2020 09:00 AM 48.7K Views

Now that we have re-written the backend for FindTime to get into the Office 365 compliance boundary, here are 5 useful tips to help you manage it in your organization.

You can deploy FindTime to everyone in your organization

From the Exchange admin center, admins can install the FindTime add-in to their entire org.

  1. Open the EAC portal.
  2. Go to Organization > Apps.
  3. Select New +.
  4. Select the location to install from
    • Add from the Office Store: Select FindTime > Add.
      Note: Apps that work with Outlook on the web are listed under Apps for Office and SharePoint > Outlook.
    • Add from URL: Enter the full URL for the app manifest file that you want to install.
    • Add from file: Select Browse and then navigate to the location of the app manifest file you want to install.

For more information, please go here.

FindTime works through Outlook on the web

In order to create and manage FindTime polls, users in your org will need access to Outlook on the web.  If you currently have Outlook on the web blocked, you will need to remove that configuration before FindTime will work. This does not apply to attendees of a poll – as an attendee, users from O365, on-prem, third party can always vote on FindTime poll links.

If you have configured EWSApplicationAccessPolicy…

If you have configured EWSApplicationAccessPolicy to enforce EWSAllowlist, you must add these to your allow list (please note that these entries are case-sensitive):

Set-OrganizationConfig -EwsAllowList @{Add="Microsoft.OWS.*"}

Set-OrganizationConfig -EwsAllowOutlook $true

Set-OrganizationConfig -EwsAllowMacOutlook $true

FindTime works with your online meeting provider!

(We bet you were dying to ask that!)

If your organization has Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business as its default online meeting provider, then it is natively integrated into FindTime. If you use a different service (like Zoom, Webex, or other) you can also use that. Just follow the instructions in this support article.

FindTime respects your Outlook or browser’s time zone

FindTime uses your working-hours’ time zone if you are signed into our service. If you vote in a FindTime poll as an anonymous attendee, FindTime detects your browser’s time zone to try to display the right local time for you.

We hope these 5 tips will help manage and deploy FindTime for your organization. In case you need training for your users, you can point them to this support article. As always, we love to hear from you. If you have any feedback, please let us know through our UserVoice channel.

Doris Deng & Gabriel Valdez Malpartida

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