Running the Exchange Calendar Update Configuration Tool in report only mode
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EDIT: This post has been updated on 10/9/2007 to address comments and questions that we got from you on original post. The Exchange Calendar Update Configuration Tool was not designed to work in a report only mode through the tool's UI. However, there is a technical work around that will allow you to run the tool in this mode and we are investigating making this an option through the UI for future versions if one is needed. Please note:

  • This workaround only applies to non-resource mailboxes.
  • To make this change some prior knowledge in adding values using OR is required.
In order to employ the work around and run the tool in a report only mode you will need to take the following steps: 1. Run the Exchange Update Configuration Tool (MSEXTMZCFG.EXE). 2. Run through the calendar scanning and data gathering. 3. Once the tool gets to the "update" phase cancel out of the tool. 4. Next you will have to identify the *.ini file created for the run.
  • The .ini file is located in the server directory under the install directory of the tool: %PROGRAMFILES%\MsExTmz\[server name]
  • If the tool has been run on multiple servers you will have to make the following .ini file changes to each of the servers
5. It is recommended that you back up the server .ini file before making any changes. 6. In the server .ini file scroll down to the "RebaseOptions=" parameter. This value is the OR value of all the flags that are turned on. 7. In order to work in "report only" mode, you need to add the REBASE_FLAG_REPORTING_MODE flag (value = 0x200) to the value of the "RebaseOptions" parameter by OR’ing it. The "RebaseOptions" parameter is based on the user selected options in the "Advanced Settings" dialog. In the below table you can see an example of those options, the expected values you will find in the .ini file if selected, and their new value for use with the "ReportOnlyMode" flag.

Action taken


Standard Value


New Value With "ReportOnlyMode" set


Standard (no additional action selected)



Only Update Recurring Meetings  






Only Update Recurring Meetings + SupressExchange



Supress All  



Only Update Recurring Meetings + SupressAll



8. Rename the updated server .ini file to MSEXTMZ.ini. If the tool has been run on multiple servers you will have to make this change for each of the servers .ini file. 9. Make sure you have a default profile set and selected in Microsoft Outlook. This profile must be set to the user with Exchange Administrator privileges as outlined in KB 941018 ( 10. If the tool is run on multiple servers you will need to repeat the following steps per each server
  • Open a command prompt.
  • Change the directory to the server directory (by default: %PROGRAMFILES%\MsExTmz\[server name]).
  • Type “..\msextmz.exe” to run the tool in a command line mode from the original location for the selected server.
  • The output of mailbox processing will be populated in the command window as well as written to log files.
11. Review the user, server and debug log files for the outcome of the “report-only” run. To undo this change, re-run MSEXTMZCFG.EXE which will overwrite any modification made to the server .ini files. - Elizabeth Scott

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