What's New in Excel (June 2024)
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Happy Pride month! Show off your Pride in Excel with a special theme for Mac and iOS users.


Welcome to the June 2024 update. This month, prompt Copilot in Excel to work with columns & formulas in Excel for web, Windows, and Mac; navigate and perform tasks more quickly with KeyTips in Excel for Mac, now available to Beta Channel users; and view and open your most recently accessed Excel files from the home screen on your iOS device, now available to Insiders.


Excel for web, Windows, and Mac:

- Copilot in Excel: Working with Columns & Formulas


Excel for Mac:

- KeyTips (Insiders)

Excel for iOS:
- Recent Files Widgets (Insiders)


Excel for web, Windows, and Mac


Copilot in Excel: Working with Columns & Formulas
Copilot can help write complex formulas, including ones that work with text. See the examples below and
read more here >


Example 1: Organize data by splitting a single column into multiple columns

Prompt: "Split the first column into three: Name, Years alive, and Country. Insert after the first column"


Example 2: Calculate age by extracting the years from a string of text

Prompt: Add a column that calculates how long each person was alive for. If they are still alive, write 'Alive today.'"


*If you try these prompts and they do not work as expected, it mostly likely is due to our gradual feature rollout process. Please try again in a few weeks.


Excel for Mac


KeyTips (Insiders)

KeyTips are keyboard shortcuts for items in the ribbon menu in Microsoft applications. They provide a quick way to navigate and perform tasks with your keyboard—no clicking required. You might be familiar with KeyTips on your Windows PC, and they function the same way on a Mac. Read more here >

KeyTips preview on the ribbon tabKeyTips preview on the ribbon tab


Excel for iOS


Recent Files Widgets (Insiders)
Quickly access your recently used files straight from your home screen with Recent Files widgets for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS. The widgets allow you to both view and open your most recently accessed files in that app from the home screen on your device. Read more here >

Recent Files widgetsRecent Files widgets




Check if a specific feature is in your version of Excel

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