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Sheet View is generally available
Published Nov 25 2019 04:15 PM 90.1K Views

Have you ever collaborated with someone else in a worksheet, looking at a large data set, and suddenly the table shrinks and you’re unable to finish your work? Often, this happens when someone adds filters to or sorts a column in a table of your worksheet. We love all the benefits of collaboration, but it does mean that when collaborating, everyone's changes are immediately seen in the document by you. We realize that our users want to collaborate in a document, but also accomplish their own tasks while sorting or filtering data in a table. 


Introducing Sheet View 

You spoke – we listened. Introducing Sheet View on Excel for the web, a new way of letting you create customized views in an Excel worksheet to sort and filter your data.  You can filter to display only the records that are important to you without being affected by others collaborating in the document. All your cell level edits propagate through the file regardless of your view, so you can make all of your in-cell edits in your Sheet View, too. 


Let’s see it in action: 



If you’re in the document with others, you’ll receive a prompt to enter a Sheet View if you want to sort and filter in a separate view. You can also create a new Sheet View by going to the View tab and clicking the eye icon labelled ‘New’.  




Sheet Views are temporary initially, so once you’re done with your work, you can choose to save the view to reuse later or discard it. To discard, simply exit the Sheet View.  Views can be accessed again in the document at a later time once saved. All you need to do is click on the View tab and find the Sheet View you saved in the drop down list on the left side of the ribbon. 


Availability Notes 

We’ve started the rollout to users on Excel for the web and will be available to all Excel for the web users within the coming weeks. 


Learn More 

Sheet View in Excel for the web

Learn more about Sheet View 


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