Retirement and FIRE Estimators
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Pondering over your family finances during tax season? Or do you simply love planning and dreaming for the future? For some people, that means budgeting or planning for retirement: you can use Excel’s free online Family Budget Planner  to track your budget, Retirement Planner for visualizing a fruitful retirement, and a new FIRE Estimator for those of you following the “Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)” movement. 


Monthly Family Budget Template

This template helps you budget with fields for incomes, expenses and savings. Click here to make a copy.


Monthly Family BudgetMonthly Family Budget


Retirement Planner Template

Click here for Excel’s built-in retirement template, which helps you plan for an awesome retirement.

Retirement PlannerRetirement Planner


FIRE Estimator Template

During the pandemic era, there has been a surge in Financial Independence Retire Early (“FIRE”) online communities. This scenario is different than regular retirement in several ways, in that you cannot rely on Social Security or Medicare to kick in, and you have a greater job with frugally saving for an adequate retirement amount. For anyone who’s excited at the prospect of punching out of work early, we have a new FIRE Estimator.  Please note this estimator is relevant for US residents. There's even worked examples of some cool Excel features.


FIRE EstimatorFIRE Estimator


Getting Started

To get started, click

  1. Go to File › Save As › Download a Copy
  2. Go to OneDrive
  3. Select Upload › Files
  4. Select the Excel file you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Once the upload is complete, you can open the file to use it.


Sharing your file with family for free

You can easily collaborate on your budget and retirement tools with family using the Share button within Excel on the top right corner of the app. Learn more about sharing here.



Learn More

This template demonstrates how easy it is to create things in Excel. Go to the “Learn More” sheet to learn how to create tables, conditional formatting and other features that make it easier to find patterns in your data.

conditional formattingconditional formatting


Comments and Suggestions

Liked the template and want more like this? Or have comments and suggestions? In Excel, go to Help>Feedback. Choose an option from the menu. Copy and paste this "#FIRE" as you type a response.  Or you can leave comments below this blog post.


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