New in Excel for the web: Power Query Group operations are now available
Published Jul 28 2022 05:51 AM 214K Views

Another achievement unlocked in Excel for the web: We have added Group operations to the Queries Pane! This will allow you to better sort your queries and perform various operations on query groups.


Getting started

This new functionality is available on Excel for the Web to all Office 365 Subscribers with Business or Enterprise plans.





Performing Power Query Group operations

You can now perform various operations on Power Query groups to better organize your queries and easily consume the data on the queries pane.

 To begin, open the Queries Pane, select the Data tab > then choose Queries



Create a new group


  • Select the top-level button > then choose New group



  • Give the new group a name. If you like, you can also enter a description.
    When you are done, choose Save


  • You will see the new group was created:



Note: Until you move queries into groups, all queries will be listed under the “Other queries” group



Expand/Collapse all groups


  • Select the top-level button > then choose Expand all / Collapse all


  • You will see the result of the respective action in the Queries pane.

Note: You can Expand or Collapse any group by using the arrow next to the group name



Refresh a group


  • If the group contains queries, you can refresh all of them at once, the same way you can refresh individual queries

  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Refresh



Note: Refresh will work for supported data sources only.
See this support article for more information on Power Query data sources in Excel versions.



Ungroup the queries within a group


  • If you want to reorganize your queries and take them out of the group, you can use this operation
  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Ungroup



Note: This action will only delete the group, not the queries in this group



Rename a group


  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Rename



  • Enter the new name, then press anywhere to save changes




Delete a group


  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Delete group



Note: At this stage, delete is supported for empty groups only. We are working on adding support for deleting groups that include queries.



Move a query or group into another group


  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Move to group…


  • Select the item you want to move it to > then select Save


Move a group to the top level


  • If a group is nested within 1 or more groups, you can quickly move it to the top level
  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Move to top level




Edit a group’s properties


  • To do this, select the action menu button > then choose Properties



  • You can use this to rename the group or change its description.
    When you are done, select Save





  • You will be able to see the group description by hovering over it




That’s all folks!
We’re continuing to work on enabling query operations, as well as with other features. These are just some of the latest improvements on our journey to enable full Power Query capabilities in Excel for the Web, with many more coming soon!



What’s next?

Future plans include Query operations, among other plans, towards releasing the full Power Query Editor experience to Excel for the Web.




We hope you like this new addition to Excel and we’d love to hear what you think about it!

Let us know by using the Feedback button in the top right corner in Excel - add #PowerQuery in your feedback so that we can find it easily.


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