Meet Riny van Eekelen, Excel Forum Contributor
Published May 18 2022 09:54 AM 11.3K Views

The Excel Tech Community forum is where anyone can ask questions and get answers about Excel. The incredible forum contributors are the superheroes always ready to help others tackle their toughest Excel challenges. Today, we'd like you to meet Riny van Eekelen.


Riny van EekelenRiny van Eekelen


Riny grew up in The Netherlands and always knew that he would become an accountant, even from a young age. He would follow through with this dream and eventually work his way up to become the CFO for several companies in The Netherlands.


In 2011, he started his own consulting business after moving to Sweden with his family. Riny was able to use his skills in many facets, often acting as the “man in the middle, translating the needs of the accountants to the IT people who didn’t understand accounting very well, and vice versa.”


Riny’s first encounter with Excel was in 1989 while working for an audit firm. His first experience with Excel was while using a PC, but he later switched over to a MacBook Pro and became well versed in both. The two features he has learned the most from the Excel Tech Community are Power Query and Power Pivot. These are instrumental to his work today and he was able to refine his skills and learn greatly from those within the Community.


In Riny’s own words, “I ended up at the Microsoft Tech Community because I was looking for an answer to an Excel problem of my own, and then I found myself answering the questions of others. That proved addictive. Others commented on/improved my answers, and I learned a lot from that. It’s both fun and rewarding to work on issues and find solutions to problems that I could never imagine existed. It feels very rewarding to be helping others and at the same time getting better at Excel myself.”


Thank you, Riny, for your continued contribution to our Excel community!

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