Import data from local files using Power Query in Excel for Mac

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We are excited to announce a new update to Power Query (PQ) in Excel for Mac – the ability to import data from local files.  We’ve received many requests for this feature after the introduction of PQ query refresh.  Now you can import data from local files including Excel workbooks and text & CSV files.


Getting started

This new functionality is available to Beta channel users running version 16.50 (build 21050400) or later.  See this support article to check which version you’re using.


Importing data from local files

You can now import data from local Excel workbooks or text & CSV files.

  1. Click Get Data (Power Query) on the Data tab
  2. Select Excel workbook or Text/CSV in the Choose data source dialog box
  3. Click Browse to select the local file
  4. Select the data you want to import and click the Load button


Import data from local filesImport data from local files


For a feature deep dive, see Import data from local files with Power Query in Excel for Mac on the Office Insider Blog.


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Step by step PQ for Mac is improving, great to know.

Senior Member

This is very good news - many thanks indeed.  Keep up the good work!


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Great step forward! Anxiously awaiting the day that the greyed out menu options become available

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