This week, our Excel MVP Frederic Le Guen from Toulouse, France, tells us about his clever use of Excel as a sports coach,


“With the coronavirus crisis, like everyone, I stay home.  But after a couple of weeks, watching TV is clearly a waste of time.  And also my scale tells me that I need to do some exercises.  But what can I do in my room?”


Or in his original version in French,


“Comme chacun d'entre nous, le temps est bien long et après avoir nettoyé ma salle de bains pour la 5e fois, je ne ne savais plus comment m'occuper. Et puis, je me suis rappeler d'une fonctionnalité très peu utilisée d'Excel ; faire parler Excel (si si, c'est possible).”


Frederic turned to Excel.



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@Frederic LE GUEN , that's very creative and nice idea. As cosmetic comment, 

RndNumber = CStr(Int(Rnd() * 4) + 1)

is enough for the speech, "1" and "one" have no difference. 

Senior Member

Ok but I'm not sure if the property Application.Speech.Speak can understand Number type

For me, only Text is possible

@Frederic LE GUEN , I mean not number 1 but text "1". Speech speaks it the same way as "one".


Nice one Fred.

This is really looking good. Recently I have created Macro where Excel not only speak but also it's visible in Excel workbook and tells his story (Excel story)


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