Custom Functions in Excel: Developer Preview

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Custom functions (similar to "user-defined functions", or "UDFs") are JavaScript functions that you can build as part of your add-in. Users can see and run those functions in Excel alongside built-in functions like =SUM or =VLOOKUP. The best part is that those same functions will work everywhere add-ins do: on your PC, Mac, and iPad, and even in Excel Online. But for now the Developer Preview is only available on Windows.


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Exciting times are ahead! What would be some good resources to get started for someone who knows VBA but still needs to dip their toes into JavaScript?


There must be plenty of finance/accounting people (like me) who started learning VBA via the macro recorder. I hope the barrier to entry with JS wouldn't be too high. 





I'm looking for some If/Then statement help.  Hopefully this is simple.  Here is what I'm looking for:


If b9 = "A","B" or "C" and B11 is populated, then "OK to save"

If b9="D" and B20 is populated, then "OK to save"

otherwise I want the cell to read "Not ready to save" if the above arguments are not true


I appreciate anyone's feedback and help.


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