website-files after Edge is default browser

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User's website files ( (dragged from IE to anywhere) are not opened in Edge, if Edge is default browser. They still open with old IE. That's not nice. Any solutions for this?

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@Thilo Langbein 


Edge doesn't handle .website Files Syntax, even if you configure Edge to open .website Files manually.

But I would noch see this as a bug, I use this as a Feature.


Drag&Drop a Site from Edge (or any other Browser) to Desktop creates a .url which opens with the Configured (modern) Default Browser. The same with IE creates a .website File which opens with IE. It doesn't make sense for me to open a Desktop-Shortcut I created with IE with Edge, I really like it to open with IE again.


@Gunnar Haslinger 

I never said, that this is a bug.

But our users have only used IE (and not Edge) and placed this kind of internet links in the start menu and on the desktop.

If the default browser is switched, they extected that even this links are then opened in der default browser.

Users will complain that internet links (depending on type .URL or .WEBSITE) would open in different browsers. And what is if I remove the IE from the OS?

@Thilo Langbein 


1. there is no way to remove IE

2. It is easy to write a Script which converts all .website Files into .URL Files - both File-Formats are human-readable Textfiles in INI-Style, so you can easily just generate a .URL File with a [InternetShortcut] Header and put the URL=... line out of the .website File into a new .URL File.

@Gunnar Haslinger 

I CAN remove Internet Explorer 11. You not? :)

And if iexplore.exe is gone - no one can open .website files anymore.

Parsing and converting website-files on start menu or desktop of 13.000 users's is not an option for me. :|

MS could find a way to handle this files with Edge (Chromium).


ie away.jpgie remove.jpg



I'd also like to see either Edge chromium open .website files or an extension edge can have on its own that worked the same way...


Store favorite icon, url, etc. and open independently from other already opened edge sessions without any favorites or browser extensions showing.